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Cruises in Corsica

The most beautiful landscapes of the Mediterranean are discovered while navigating along the western coast of Corsica. You will experience this aboard the MAROTTE, under optimal conditions, for unforgettable moments. 
You will be swimming in amazing creeks, fishing fishes that you will eat on board at night, stopping where wild beaches are with a kayak or a  dinghy and will be discovering the underwater fauna of the "Beauty island”. 
You will be living a cruise made of relaxation and discoveries. 

June: Agriates and Balagne de St Florent’s region in Calvi.

In between those two coastal cities is found one of the most beautiful region of Corsica, where sea and mountains merge together to the delight of nature lovers. St Florent, with his yachting harbor, is considered as the Saint-Tropez of Corsica. The beaches along the Agriates’s desert  are among the most beautiful ones in the north of Corsica. The coast is filled with little creeks that flows into the famous Gulf in Calvi. Waking up in the morning, facing the Calvi’s Citadel, is a true enchantment. Then, you could walk, wander in the streets, passing some memorable time at the Marina sitting on a terrace, and taste some specialities… and when comes the night, on "TAO” terrace, you could listen to music and contemplate one of the most beautiful panorama of the Island under a starry sky of a rare clarify. Many moorings, in creeks, along Revelatta or Scandola’s cliffs, will make you fully enjoy the pleasure of the sea. 

July: the western coast from Calvi to Ajaccio

Departing from Calvi, heading south, towards Ajaccio, we border the wildest coast of Corsica. The most prestigious sites can be seen : Scandola, Girolata and Porto’s gulfs, the "Calanques de Piana”, the "Iles sanguinaires” up until the famous Ajaccio’s Gulf. We discover , every day, magical places far away from tourism flows. Most of these sites, cannot be reached by car, and require a sea route in order to approach them and live unique moments. 
The Scandola and Les Calanques de Piana’s reserves are to be discovered with kayaks, and with diving masks and flippers. A unique nature is waiting for you, just like the very first day of life on earth. 

August: The southwest coast from Ajaccio to Murtoli

The Ajaccio’s Gulf, conceals a wealth of pearls, particularly in its southern area, small creeks and sand beaches are more beautiful than the last. Within the old city, around the harbor, you will eat the best pasta with lobster and early in the morning  you will be able to stroll in the market filled with scents and local colors. You will be staying , a day or two, in the Campomoro Bay, known for its beautiful creeks and wild beaches of the West of Corsica.
Fishing, diving and idleness will become your main preoccupations. We will finish this part of the coast, with the famous domain of Murtoli, facing the monks reserve. If heaven existed on earth, it would be here. The tranquil waters of Figari’s Bay, will allow us to easily land in order to get to the close international airport. 

September: The south of Corsica from Bonifacio to Porto-Vecchio

The south Corsica is as beautiful as all of the tropical destinations. The Lavezzi’s island , with its turquoise blue waters , as well as the beautiful white sandy beach and the famous creeks of Porto-Vecchio will fill you with joy. You will be able to visit Bonifacio, that is found on white cliffs, close to Sardenia. This site filled with history is magical. Diving around the islets of Lavezzi or around the rocks of La Vaccha, close to Porto-Vecchio, may sometimes be full of surprises. According to time, big fishes may be found. Seeing them swim in the intense blue of the crystal clear sea is unbelievable. 

Sardaigne: Staying a week around the Madelena’s archipelago is possible during this time of the year. ( for more information contact us)

The suggested activities: 

Seaside: sport fishing or softer fishing are possibilities aboard the MAROTTE during the sea voyages or the moorings , but it will mainly be aboard a dinghy that the practicing of this leisure activity will be possible. 
300 hp , all the material will be supplied and the boat is entirely equipped to satisfy the most demanding fishers. All the existing techniques may be approached in order to fish incredible fishes. We only keep the fishes that will be cooked and eaten on board, for the greatest pleasure of all. 
Snorkeling in the creeks and in the Corsica’s Calanques, with diving masks, flippers and snorkels. Visiting the underwater of the Scandola’s Reserve is a " must” of the Lavezzi’s islands. The seabed In Corsica are still extremely preserved , the underwater landscapes are magnificent and thus, beautiful meetings are not rare. Pure and clear water along the coasts of Corsica provides complete visibility over 30 meters deep. The light and the colors are magical, and allow a full appreciation of the underwater flora and fauna’s beauty.
Kayaking trips are made to discover with a closer look, the beauty of some areas of the coasts, that would usually be unattainable by land or by  boat. Traveling up the " Delta du Fango” or get into nearly invisible caves and creeks  of the "Calanques de Piana”, and landing on islets made of white sand. Fishing from the bright early morning  along the rocks or at night during the sunset, navigating close to dolphins or venturing closer to a benevolent whale. 

Landward side: Walks and excursions by quad in the region of Calvi, and over the Gulf of Ajaccio. Wild landscapes and breathtaking panoramic views. We will go through amazing forests and will be able to swim in fresh waters coming  out from a mountain stream. 
Hikes to discover valleys and top mountains of Corsica. Coastal or mountain hiking paths offer unique sensations. Sea and mountain meet permanently. 
Corsican products tasting: delicatessen, cheeses, wines, typical meals…
Our knowledge of good addresses: specialized shops, restaurants, producers on markets and in villages…. will allow you to discover the real Corsican products. On board, the one rule is to prioritize authentic products found on the island. A wine selection, fresh products and delicatessen  will be bought at every stops. 
Independent visit of villages and towns of each stopover, especially the Calvi’s citadel, the Ajaccio’s market or the fortified town of Bonifacio, found on beautiful cliffs of white limestone, Porto Vecchio and its shops, the Madelena, Porto Cervo or Rotondo en Sardaigne…